Pitman Training

Event Management Essentials

This course will give you an understanding of how event managers plan and execute events. Learn some tricks of the trade, the skills and tools necessary to plan and execute engaging and rewarding events.

The content of this course will cover everything from budgeting to marketing (you will need to be familiar with Word and the internet, PowerPoint and excel as will also be used during the course). Split into six lessons you will learn how to:

  • Establish the aims and objectives of an event
  • Identify events that will appeal to the target market
  • Report and communicate among and between teams
  • Promoting the event (including social media event marketing)
  • Attracting and managing sponsorship
  • Rehearsals and pre-event briefings.
  • Evaluating the event

This course can be studied at a location to suit you, in our Barcelona training centre or at home or work if you need to fit your studies around a busy lifestyle.