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Management – Personalities, Profiles and Plans

Course Outline

This is the perfect self-development program for anyone who needs to understand their strengths and weaknesses – and want to create some clear and achievable career goals.

You’ll gain insights into how individuals respond and behave, carry out a personal skills audit and produce a personal development plan. This is career- and work-focussed learning which gets its message across with interactive learning, special learning activities and quick quizzes.

Unlike many self-development courses, this one is conducted entirely via the internet, a flexible way to learn at your own pace. So you can access your self-development training whenever you like. An online progress meter lets you keep track of your progress, and you’ll find practical hints and tips to use in real-life situations.

You have a generous six months in which to complete the course – after which you’ll be able to put the renowned Pitman Training name on your CV.

The main aims and objectives of this course are to:

  • Gain an insight into how individuals respond and behave
  • Look at various learning styles and see how individuals differ
  • Carry out a personal skills audit and produce a personal development plan to review and maintain your life and career goals.

This course is designed for

  • Anyone who needs to understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Anyone wanting to get their career and life goals clear and attain them
  • Anyone wanting to learn about personality and about profiling techniques

As the course is delivered online, you will need broadband internet access.  You will need Microsoft Word 97 or above (or a word-processing program fully compatible with Word) on your computer.

The online course introduces and covers key areas, including:

  • How Individuals Differ (including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Learning Styles
  • Life and Career Planning
  • Setting Standards and Objectives
  • Career and work-focussed learning
  • Specially designed learning activities help you put into practice the new habits and skills you have gained. They reinforce your learning and create a memorable course-style.
  • Interactive ‘Quick Quizzes’ give you the chance to test your new-found knowledge
  • Learning bookmarks built into the system, so you can easily start again where you left off
  • Automatic progress tracking helps you see your progress, building up your motivation

This course will take around 13 to 16 hours to complete.

This course can be studied online. This means, you have the flexibility to study our Personalities, Profiles and Plans course:

  • In centre, with our friendly course advisors available for support and guidance as and when you need it.
  • At home or from work – with support via email or telephone during working hours.
  • On a blended mix – in-centre for the modules you need help with, at home or from work for those you are gliding through.

Once you’re ready to go ahead, all you need to do is contact your nearest Pitman Training centre who will be able to talk you through the process and set you up on the online platform, and then you’ll be ready to study the Personalities, Profiles and Plans course at a time and place convenient to yourself. 

To get in touch with your nearest centre that offers and supports our online Personalities, Profiles and Plans course /training-a-z/”>

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