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Social Media Courses

Social media has exploded into the forefront of our everyday lives – both personally and professionally, through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more! Now, the number one channel to effectively market to wide audiences, social media for businesses is key. From self-employed individuals pitching for work and clients, to multinational corporations looking to reach out to their audiences, social media marketing is happening all around us. But just how do you jump on the wagon, and use social media effectively in your role or company?

Here at Pitman Training we offer a range of some of the most popular social media platforms, through online social media courses, which will help you create the correct type of business profile or page, communicate effectively with your target audience, and get that all important ‘word of mouth’ marketing spreading like wildfire across your social channels.

Our Social Media training courses:

Social Media for Business Diploma
Essential Social Media for Business Award
Twitter for Business
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Social Media Strategy for Business
Google+ for Business
Facebook for Business
Video for Business
Productivity Series
LinkedIn for Business
Blogging for Business