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Go…Make a Difference

Course Outline

The GoMAD® Thinking System is a unique and innovative way to achieve personal and business success.

Over 8 hours, you’ll learn how to make a huge difference to your private and professional life through self-development. All you need is a basic knowledge of Word, a deep belief in yourself and a desire to build your confidence.

This is flexible, self-study learning, so it will fit in easily with your existing work and home-life commitments. As part of your training, you’ll create a workbook which is yours to keep as a handy reference guide. The GoMAD® course is split into eight modules. Having been introduced to the seven basic principles of the system and becoming familiar with the framework, you’ll move on to understanding your abilities and defining your goals. You’ll progress, among many other things, to gain self-control, create self-belief, taking responsibility for your actions, celebrating success and applying the GoMAD® System in the workplace.

This course has been designed to teach how a difference can be made in your personal or professional life through self-development.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to use the Go Mad® Thinking System in order to achieve personal and business success.

Prior to starting this course it would be advantageous if you had a basic working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Word program; the motivation to want to make a difference.

There are eight lessons within this course: –

Module One: Getting straight to the point, knowing what the 7 key principles of the Go MAD® system are, being familiar with the Go MAD® framework, knowing the reasons why you want to make a difference, making a start on principle one.

Module Two: Understanding your natural ability, being able to define your own success, deciding what you want, developing your goal writing ability, filtering out negative thoughts, defining your goal.

Module Three: Knowing how to plan priorities, gaining self control, the difference between urgent and important, developing a system, knowing how to de-clutter, being aware of the time stealers, understanding that the plan may change.

Module Four: Having self belief, becoming your own best friend, being able to sell yourself to yourself, knowing how to write self-talk statements, being able to recognise the dream stealers, eliminating failure.

Module Five: How to involve others to make a difference, why you should involve others, being able to share your goal, being aware of your qualities.

Module Six: Taking personal responsibility for your actions, refusing to blame others or make excuses, leading by example, choosing to make time, overcoming bitterness and resentment

Module Seven: Being ready to take action, facing challenges, measuring the difference, importance of defining new goals, celebrating success.

Module Eight: Solution focused thinking, the four Go MAD® thinking components, changing hindering thoughts into helpful thoughts, systems thinking and process thinking, coaching others, applying Go MAD® to teams, meetings and projects, making a start to MAD®…

This course will take around 6 to 8 hours to complete.

Our Go…Make a Difference course is part of our distance learning range – which can be accessed online via our distance learning portal. 

This means that you have the flexibility to study our Go…Make a Difference course:

  • In centre, with our friendly course advisors available for support and guidance as and when you need it.
  • At home or from work – with support via email or telephone during working hours.
  • On a blended mix – in-centre for the modules you need help with, at home or from work for those you are gliding through.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, all you’ll need to do is contact your nearest Pitman Training centre that offers and supports our distance learning platform, and they will arrange for you to have an induction to show you around the system and talk you through how our online training works. After this, you can learn in your own time and at your own speed, but with the knowledge you have support at hand if required. 

To find your nearest centre that offers and supports our online Go…Make a Difference training, /training-a-z/”>

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