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PC Basics

Course Outline

All our computer training courses are well-respected – and they give you the renowned Pitman Training name to put on your CV – and this one is no exception: the perfect way to learn basic computer skills for real confidence.

On successful completion of the course you will become skilled in the fundamentals of the computer and all the most popular applications. You’ll learn the computer basics including hardware and software. You will use Microsoft Word to edit and print documents, edit data in Excel, and learn how to manage the storage of your documents in files and folders. Finally you will cover how to use the internet including social networking and e-commerce.

Because this is computer basics for beginners, the training is flexible, so you can work at your own pace in one of our handy town or city centre training locations. There will always be a course advisor on hand for extra support when you need it. And you’ll get a workbook to keep as a handy reference guide.

If you want to build your skills further, we’d recommend taking our Internet Skills, Word or Excel courses for a comprehensive grounding that will ensure you have the skills employers want.

This course is designed to help those at beginner level to learn the basics of PC’s and some of the common programmes used, such as search engines and Microsoft Word.

This course is for anyone new to computers/PCs who want to be able to confidently understand and use them for everyday life.

There are four lessons in the PC Basics course: –

Lesson 1: Computer hardware, components of the system unit, use the mouse to access the Start menu and the All Programs menu, use the mouse to open and play a game stored on your computer, types of printer, know the procedure to be followed when shutting down the computer. 

Lesson 2: Use Microsoft Word to open an existing document, edit and print a Word document, load the Microsoft Excel program, edit data in Excel, understand the structure of a database and sort information, understand what the different software applications are used for. 

Lesson 3: Understand the principle of storing documents in files and folders, use the Computer window to organise your files, open a document stored in a sub folder, create a new folder, move a file, copy a file, rename a file, delete a file, create a new
document in Word, save a new document, understand the importance of backing up your work, know about computer viruses and malware.

Lesson 4: Use Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet, use a web address to locate a web site, use a search provider, understand the importance of security on the Internet, use a webmail application to exchange messages, use Instant Messaging, understand the features of blogs, social networking, and user groups, understand how to use e-Commerce safely, use the main features of a media player. 

This course will take around 9 hours to complete. 

Our PC Basics courses can be studied in any of our handy, local centres. 

This means that you have the flexibility to study the PC Basics course:

  • In centre, with our friendly course advisors available for support and guidance as and when you need it.

To find your nearest centre, click here.

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